Chuckle D Licious Turns 11

It recently came to my attention that most of the Kennett Middle School has read my blog. The photo below is what really grabbed the attention of the adolescents and my kids are mortified. Mom job is going pretty, pretty, pretty well!!

big hair

To celebrate the uptick in readers, I will write a blog as a birthday gift to each of my children. Fun fact: the kids birthday are as follows 2/26, 3/27, 4/28, a sign that I should be more orderly! The middle child kicks it off — happy 11th birthday, Charlie!


Today is so special, and I can’t decide if the best part was the moment I saw him at 12 noon when he arrived into this world in 2006:


Watching Robbie meet his little brother:


…or the hoagie my sister, Megan, brought me from Bella Italia that still brings a tear to my eye, it was so delicious! Just kidding my curly-haired, smart, athletic, kind, and wonderful child!


The title of the Brad Paisley song, I thought I loved You Then, sums up how I feel about my Charles, Chuckie D, Chuckles, Chaz, Charlie Bear, Chuckle D Licious. My heart gets bigger every day watching him grow into an incredible, young man.


To say I am thankful for the unconditional love he gives back to me and the inspiration to keep improving and be a better person, is an understatement.


Happy birthday and don’t ever forget who gave you that signature head of nappy roots!!

001 (2)


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