Archetypal Journey – Saying Goodbye to the Farm

The summer blog hiatus is over!  It took from the last week of school until the final 5-day countdown to be inspired. The summer flew by and the blog was left empty like the pig stall after the ‘show’.

bacon and ham

That does not mean Pig Pen was living a boring, uneventful life. First, I jinxed myself with the Happy Feet blog (link), and it took a turn for the worse when a Solid Gold dance move in flip flops went sideways.


There were the expected trials and tribulations, but I had a revelation. I heard a great description in my new favorite show, The Affair, around the archetypal journey on the path to identity. Sh*t, I thought I was just sharing funny experiences, but this writing hobby led me to an epiphany.

archetypal journey

The premise of this blog is the farm where I grew up. Anyone who knows me, understands this is the time of my life I hold so dear to my heart because it was the end of an era, not just a past address.


I have gone back twice in the last four years and with a long road in between the day we moved in 1988 until now, it was very emotional for me. Flooded with hilarious memories (being locked outside naked by my two oldest sisters and sprayed with the hose is a crowd pleaser) and some that haunt and impacted my family even until this day. I have told my kids stories and share this blog, but I finally decided to drive them out there.

I can’t lie, my stomach was in knots. It was a strange feeling bringing my present into my past. It was as if my children were ghost of the future that would be looking in on my childhood. They were getting a glimpse of the silly, adventurous child with a 25-acre world to explore any time I walked out the front door. This is what I wanted for them even before I gave birth.


There are various reasons why my own farm never came to fruition and I am living a life that is a far stretch from this dream.  I am happy and their Dad and I are doing the best job we can as parents; but there has always been a lingering feeling that I had let them down. Until now.

As we drove along the rolling hills the kids were excited and seem to appreciate the beauty and overall feeling of the farm country. Then, they were immediately distracted with ice cream at the Elverson institution, Just Mom’s.  They began talking about their fishing adventures, how to spend their money from the juice stand, which pool they like the best, and how they love the frozen Peppermint Patties at Mom Mom and Pop Pops when they stop in to get stale bread and more fishing line for the pond.


They were discussing with excitement what activities they would get to do in Ohio during their Dad’s annual family trip.  This is an incredibly fun and tight family unit that ranges from their Great Grandmother (the original Evelyn and an amazing matriarch) to aunts, uncles, tons of cousins, second cousins and a history of over 50 years fishing on Lake Erie.


We started planning an impromptu trip to NC to visit my sister Lysa’s family, who they adore beyond words. They were full of  smiles and excitement – and it rushed over me, they have a great childhood!


Once again, I should have really listened to my BFF, Taylor Swift, at the concert in June. Her 1989 tour is about her recent personal journey. Her key messages to love simply and live a life that is worth sharing.


For goodness sake, live to tell your best story, people. It might not be what you envisioned, what other wanted for you, but it is all yours.

“If a nation loses its storytellers, it loses its childhood.”
(Peter Handke)


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