Fake it or Shake it: Oh the Choices

I decided it was time to break the six-month silence. Sure the usual trials and tribulations have occurred including giving myself an accidental wedgie on a door handle, my shoe breaking during a business meeting making me climb the steep San Fran hills with a limp, and leaving my car running for two hours with the remote key in my purse.


However, all of this hung under the dark shadow of the major events that occurred mid-year. Pig Pen is flying solo and has moved pens. Nothing funny about divorce, especially when there are three little piglets involved.

kids 3 BW

When trying to figure out how to ‘come out’ with the news, I wanted to take into consideration all of the readers, their views, judgements, and participation in this situation, because divorce does not just end with a signed piece of paper between two people. In fact, the ripple effect can be paralyzing, but the choices every day can put life back on track, keep loved ones close, maintain stability, or not.

Ironically, Taylor Swift stepped in to help me once again. See post: http://tinyurl.com/pmjnwgt

Even though she hasn’t reached out to set up our meeting yet (totally happening in 2015), I feel I strongly inspired her new album, 1989. The song “Shake it Off” is a crowd pleaser and a great mantra no matter what life is throwing at you or the reaction to your choices.


It is about choices; what I like to refer to as ‘fake it or shake it’. Sometimes faking it is necessary (hello holiday season – Santa Claus, annoying family members, confusing presents, fruit cake, etc) and many times its just about shaking it off for the good of the masses.

kids 3 laugh


“Don’t put the key to happiness in someone else’s pocket.” ~Author Unknown

Oh I have the keys in my back pocket (better than a stink bomb – blog topic for another day) and I will continue to make choices to keep a smile on my face and those around me 🙂

Changing the tip from wine to hard liquor: Hendrick’s Gin, it’s not just for hipsters!



*B&W Photos by Beth Erisman, Kennett Square. #amazing #capturedhappiness




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2 Responses to Fake it or Shake it: Oh the Choices

  1. mchanna77 says:

    Can’t wait to hear about the shoe incident 😉 You are such an inspiration! I love how you always stay positive and never back down from a challenge. I look forward to your next blog!!

  2. simone says:

    thanks for sharing. Yes, i totally agree about the divorce part even when you haven’t signed that paper yet. it’s a long way to recoupe and rebalance yourself and as you said especially with kids involed. thinking of you.

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