Polar Vortex Made Me a Bad Parent and my Kids Dumberer

As confessions typically go, this is going to be short and sweet.

We all have been in the same frozen tundra for months now. This winter sucked and no one would disagree. Happy spring to us all!


(Robbie at age 1. Before he knew about flappy birds)

Unfortunately, there were a few repercussions that require more than a snow blower.

In the heart of the Polar Vortex, I was working from home with three kids, no power, no school and no sanity. This drove me to sidestep my normal parenting beliefs in which I have a few staples: go to bed early, eat what you are served and limit the time on electronics. The storms hit and continued like a smackdown, old school Tyson fight.

mike tyson

There is only so much Yahtzee one can play. When the power was on, the kids spent copious amounts of time on their electronics while we all ate crap. I will admit I served ice cream one morning for breakfast. I was trying to make this a fun and memorable experience, not the real-life hell that was pushing me over the edge.

choc cake

Last week, the parent-teacher conferences were a bitch-slap of reality. My fifth grader, the cutie sitting in a sea of daffodils above, literally dropped a reading level since January 29. If you don’t think electronics are having a negative effect on children, here is more proof: http://tinyurl.com/qzup6ro

The good news is we are back on the strict schedule. The over stimulated, aggressive, sleep deprived, ADD, unsustainable, little addicts took it hard but seem to be coming back to normal.


Today starts the NCAA tournament. The kids have made their brackets and are reading everything from strengths of schedule, conference RPI, team comparisons, etc. There is the potential to win $1200, they are obsessed and already talking how to spend their winnings.

Gambling isn’t wrong or addictive for 11, 8 and 6 year-old children, right? Parenting might not be my forte, maybe I should only give advice about pigs.


As always, I love the fresh start and know things can only go up from here.

(Pig Pen sigh.) That was until this past Sunday when I came down with a crazy infection called Orbital Cellulitus.


Four days on house lockdown and after many doctors appointments…now for the fresh start!

Tip of the week: There is always a silver lining. In one waiting room, I watched annoying Rachel Ray make a delicious chicken dish.  Everyone loved it! http://tinyurl.com/qzs6ya3


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One Response to Polar Vortex Made Me a Bad Parent and my Kids Dumberer

  1. Michele says:

    As always, love the post. My goodness the eye infection looked painful. Thanks for chicken recipe, will definitely try it.

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