How a Priest Made My Christmas Hot and Bubbly

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. An electrician, named Priest, is at the door at 11AM on Christmas Eve to connect a hot tub. Not familiar with this Christmas story?

It all started when two parents thought a hot tub would be a great gift for the family. Disagreeing and procrastinating on the actual logistics to get it up and running were the impetus to a new favorite holiday tale.

So who is this Priest that saved Christmas, you ask? I did not snap a photo but should have of this 6’5, handsome man with an ironic name for the most magical night of the year.

He reminded me somewhat of Jules, Samuel L. Jackson, in Pulp Fiction. An interesting fellow that I would like to chat with, share a Royale with Cheese and perhaps invite him back for a dip in the tub; but I wouldn’t want to piss him off.


So upon arrival Christmas Eve morning, Priest and his sidekick check out the hot tub. After describing what all needs to be done and promising to have it ready for the kids to swim Christmas morning, they head back to the shop to get the right tools. Priest states they will be back in 30 minutes.

2PM – no Priest. The vision of my kids splashy Christmas is evaporating. I am feeling a little defeated; Clark Griswold comes to mind.


We are about to leave for Mass at 3pm and Priest arrives in the driveway. Halleluiah!

About three hours later as we drive to my parent’s house, we see the two are still diligently working. This is where living South Philly-style comes in handy. We aren’t totally old school in a twin, but we do live in the same neighborhood as my parents.

multi family

In between the seven fishes, Dave continues to drive over and check on the progress. He reports around 7:30 that the hot tub will be perfect temperature by the morning. Yeah!

9PM he checks the water level only to find the heater is not working. OH POOP!!


After calling Priest to ask if there is an easy fix, this man of mystery arrives back on the scene and rectifies his small mistake. Now the hot tub will be perfect by morning – triple yeah!

hot tub

I am not going to lie; Santa was a little stingy this year. No X-Box, bunny rabbit or motorcycle, but he did bring personalized towels. How perfect to go with the new hot tub!

So in the end, Priest saved Christmas. With the Still Not A Player lyrics in my head, “In the hot tub, poppin’ bubbly”, a fav song by Big Punisher, I think about the amazing work ethic and commitment these two guys showed my family.

So as I was thinking about 2014 resolutions, the same boring ones popped into my mind. Sure I have the new Ninja powered up for protein shakes and Shaun T and JJ Virgin supporting my diet and exercise regimen to combat the holiday poundage; but I want more for myself.

Along with adopting grace and poise, to be sure I achieve my goals of becoming more elegant, stylish and classy, I am making a public announcement to commitment and follow through; which includes being better organized, skillful and strategic.

Coming from a girl with more bathroom, wardrobe and farm animal malfunction stories, the grace and poise objective might need a little divine intervention.

back split pants

As far as commitment, I am in it to win it. Thanks for setting a great example, Priest!

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One Response to How a Priest Made My Christmas Hot and Bubbly

  1. mchanna77 says:

    How wonderful! Glad you found an electrician to help you out. Sounds like you had a great holiday season! You are always classy and stylish to me J

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