Top 5 Blogs of 2013 – Pig Pen to Resign?

It’s the end of the year and that means it’s time to review and analyze the past and put a plan together for the upcoming year. What does this mean for Pig Pen?

Personally, I have set a goal to act with more poise and grace. I believe this could be the turning point on my ongoing road to ridiculousness and a better approach to handling all the critics out there.

al cool

It appears I have done an ‘unsolicited’ 360 review and was surprised to hear not everyone is inclusive, laid back, has a sense of humor, thinks Solid Gold dancing is funny and that bikinis are OK to wear after 30. I will take these criticisms into consideration during my public appearances.

However, according to the stats, what my blog audience would like to read about is contradictory to this self-improvement project. No one wants to hear about tips for my little piglets, new diets and work out regimens, aspirations for my career, highlights from my vacations or break-through medical advancements.

People want to be entertained. I am happy to share my embarrassing moments as life is better when you are laughing.

Without further adieu, I present the top five blogs of 2013:

#5 Mooning my Dad

#4 Failing miserably at a triathlon

#3 Forgetting to wear deodorant

#2 Exposing my privates at work

#1 Sending daughter to school on picture day with a t-shirt that reads, “Mommy Drinks Because I am Bad”

evy shirt

Writing this blog over the past year has helped me see the error in my ways. Maybe I put myself in these situations that end in disaster?

That is why I decided to implement my new, demure attitude ahead of schedule.   Could this mean the end of Pig Pen?

images pig flower

Never fear. My inner Pig Pen cannot be stopped. There is just something about me that attracts bad luck and I give you the final Pig Pen moment of 2013.

After a barf-o-rama in my house, we drove to CT to celebrate Thanksgiving. My in-laws, kids and 4,000 other people gathered for the annual Madison Turkey Trot. It is 30 degrees and the lines for the port-o-johns are long.

Bundled up and trying to stretch, it’s finally my turn. With my mittens still on, I thought I pushed the lock closed. Carefully lifting my coat, securing my iPod, pulling down my running pants and in full squat mode…the door flies open. I am pretty sure my face and the young lads matched Macauley Culkin in Home Alone.

home alone

Everyone in line also got a sneak peek, taking me back to the second most read blog of the year. Son of a bee-sting, I just took a few steps back.

Stay tuned. I can only imagine my daily life will not align with Jackie O, Grace Kelly or other ladies that I strive to emulate, but it will continue to be entertaining!


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