Pig Pen Hair = Ongoing Epic Disaster

The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries or the way she combs her hair. Amen Audrey Hepburn!

Unfortunately, a bad hair day can really get you down.  A life time struggle with unruly hair is just a joke.

So this blog goes out to all you straight haired ladies that just can’t do a thing with your hair because it’s so flat, especially when it rains! I have a life-long sob story that will make you appreciate what you have.

Let’s look at the chronological events that sum up the relationship I have with my hair.

1. I grew up in a house where everyone had the same hair. It seemed perfectly normal.
001 (2)

2. Ironically, the nuns at Villa Maria, who were fortunate enough to wear a habit every day, were the first to point out my beauty shortcoming. The ‘disheveled revelation’ was covered in a previous post. https://alisonguzzio.wordpress.com/2012/09/25/disheveled-stinky-pig-pen-%EF%82%A9-itunes/ .

3. As I entered high school, terms like Brillo pad head, mushroom hair and bushy were common place. I tried to go with it, let the wiry strands grow longer and find the silver lining. How many people can look like this after brushing their hair?
big hair

4. In choosing a career path, it became amusingly clear I would never make it in modeling outside of Wichita Falls, TX http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haH2deUWI8U As for working in television, the lack of ‘TV anchor hair’ was only a small reason why this would not be a successful path for me. (Small delay in beginning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WFxQVRUNGo  another one in case you haven’t laughed hard enough http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JeoPbGFRmk) Luckily, the PR side of the communication world was a fit.

5. I really did consider shaving the untidy rats nest and wearing a wig. I actually think I might go blonde just to mix it up later in life.
alison blonde

The development of new hair products was truly heaven sent. Keratin has been a huge help, except now as I spend more time in the water it becomes obsolete. What is a girl to do? I have been using Pinterest searching for helpful tips, new braid techniques and head wraps to cover up the frizz ball disaster. It truly is like hay bales on the back of an open pick up truck, this shit needs to be tied down. Follow me on Pinterest or check out the top picks here http://tinyurl.com/kgavgw3

So if you can wash and go and always looking great, you’re welcome. You now know how fortunate you are and don’t ever forget it.

ms piggy


About alisonguzzio

A marketing and public relations veteran, Alison Guzzio has directed projects for a range of high-tech, pharmaceutical, security, ecommerce, manufacturing, chemical, global trade and broadband companies. Strengths include positioning companies to maximize visibility among key stakeholders such as media, investors, channel partners and customers. Alison has a strong understanding of business objectives and she effectively translates this into results for her clients. In addition to her experience managing the demands on emerging companies, Alison is skilled in taking products from conception to roll-out, developing creative marketing plans, generating media coverage along the entire product lifecycle and leading brand awareness campaigns during critical growth stages.
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