Summer Lovin’!

Summer has officially begun and I have a few favorites I want to share.

Exercise: I am slowly overcoming my fear of swimming. I swam on a team when I was little and can stay above water now, but after a debacle at a sprint triathalon in 2000 (barely making it to shore, picture me rolling around with jello arms trying to remove my wet suit), I developed a negative “I can’t do it” attitude. With the help of my super cool neighbor, Jill Hunt, I am learning proper stroke techniques and actually enjoying the water. Such a great work out and a fun way to mix it up. The kids just joined the swim team for the first time, so we are all learning together! (Hopefully I can still kick their asses at the 4th of July pool contest!)
pig swim

Chiropractor: You can’t expect to continue running your aging body into the ground and not have any repercussions. My torn calf was the wake-up call that I needed to diversify my work out plan and to incorporate the right physical upkeep. I go to Dr. John Wilkins at He understands middle-aged, recreational athletes (takes one to know one!) and he has helped me tremendously.

Diet: So I might have mentioned I am on the JJ Virgin diet. It is working, 6 pounds down, but I am finding ‘dieting’ as a team makes it a lot easier! There are at least seven of us following the eating regimen (see my sister’s blog about not dieting but finding the ‘healthy regime’ here:

Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables: I am definitely eating my daily requirement of five fruits and vegetables and loving it. I have heard rave reviews and can’t wait to check out the SIW near us I also met Amy Mulligan Hetrick who owns Cakewalk and makes specialty pies to sell at the farm stand. Spinach protein shake + periodic slice of heavenly lemon meringue pie = one happy Pig Pen.

Cocktail: Sugar and alcohol are clearly on the naughty list when it comes to dieting. Dear JJ, it’s summertime and you have to live a little. I will give up a few trays of my beloved corn bread to partake in a few libations. Recently I made Lemoncello sangria. LOVE!


Beauty – Eminence products rock. I was introduced to them at Emily Alice salon and spa in West Chester ( and I am using the night oil, eye cream and face wash. I want more!

Aroma – Emily Alice has a lemon tree from Terrain that smells divine. I picked up a candle from Target and it smells almost as good and scents the entire house.

lemon candle

Read: Language of Flowers. The book is amazing and I was completely enthralled by the meaning of flowers and arrangements. Don’t just take my word for it, here is the NY Times review:

Vacation: I absolutely love the days leading up to vacation because once it arrives, it seems to fly by too quickly! The yearly Ohio trip to Turtle Point Marina kicks off next Friday with the lovely eight hour drive. We then venture to Dewey Beach from July 6-27. Let me know if you will be in the area!

pig fishing


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