International Woman of Mystery

Last week my blog post focused on transforming in the month of May. I mentioned I was excited about a few new goals that did not just revolve around a 30 day fad diet, but life changing events for me. I want to be an international woman of mystery.

Having spent three months in Australia in my mid-20s (see I have been dreaming about traveling for both personal and business purposes. No more procrastinating, I am putting the wheels in motion to get myself to other continents.

First, I am actively seeking new clients around the globe. I have wanted to do this for years and even welcome the idea of living abroad with my family. I am putting it out there into the universe to not only make it more than just a pipe dream*, but to potentially utilize my network to uncover opportunities. Do you know of any businesses looking for public relations support and are expanding to or from the United States? What about recruiters who work with international companies? Considering I walked along the marina in Cairns, Australia, to land a job working on a dive boat as a chef, I can be very resourceful!

Secondly, I recently attended a party hosted by my wonderful neighbors who coincidently are from Germany, moved to the US in 2002 and now reside in Switzerland. Lucky for us, they have no plans of selling their Kennett Square home and I get to hear about their adventures around the world!

During the dinner party, I met an amazing gentleman, 82 years young, who shared his marathon experiences with me. He ran the Boston Marathon several times including the 100th anniversary, the Marine Corps, a race in Berlin and one in Greece. My heart started pounding as he went on to explain about the Greece marathon and how it covers the same ground that the Athenian messenger Phiedippides ran when he brought news of victory from the battlefield of Marathon 2,500 years ago. The finish line is in Athens’ magnificent Olympic Stadium, the birthplace of the modern Olympic Games.

Pig pen announcement…this is my top bucket list item. I researched the marathon and found that it is an annual race and will take place November 10, 2013. I am in.

Tip of the week: As trivial as it is, the annual May crash diet is in effect. However, I could not resist making this chocolate vinaigrette last weekend. It’s still a salad, right?!!

* Pipe dream refers to visions experienced as a result of taking opiates (referring to the opium pipe). Opiates do not directly cause hallucinations of any kind, but large doses may cause the subject to become so relaxed that he or she experiences dreams while partially awake. They can be so vivid as to be confused with reality. Now you know.


About alisonguzzio

A marketing and public relations veteran, Alison Guzzio has directed projects for a range of high-tech, pharmaceutical, security, ecommerce, manufacturing, chemical, global trade and broadband companies. Strengths include positioning companies to maximize visibility among key stakeholders such as media, investors, channel partners and customers. Alison has a strong understanding of business objectives and she effectively translates this into results for her clients. In addition to her experience managing the demands on emerging companies, Alison is skilled in taking products from conception to roll-out, developing creative marketing plans, generating media coverage along the entire product lifecycle and leading brand awareness campaigns during critical growth stages.
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