“Busy Lady”. A Label Only Meant for June Cleaver? Take the Poll.

 I manage the customer newsletter for one of my clients. It is a great bi-monthly communication vehicle to keep customers informed, engaged and feeling personally connected with the company. I recently wrote an ‘employee spotlight’ article that showcases one customer-facing associate and their role at the company. I like to add personal interest as well. The employee for this issue is very smart and is high up in the product development organization. She also has two young children and likes to garden, read and cook. I ended the article with “Busy lady!”

I have a review team (very wise to ensure any company-branded communication is high quality) and the one woman commented on my choice of words, “You would never say that about a man. That’s why this needs to go – it’s sexist and belittling; kind of a verbal pat on the head.”

I was taken off guard when I read through the edits. I was praising this woman that I really admire and essentially, all other working mothers reading this article. Crazy multi-tasking every day and night, I say busy doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Maybe I look at the world through rose-colored glasses. I went to an all-girl’s school where you were taught empowerment, I work in a woman dominated field so maybe I don’t come up against sexual discrimination that occurs in other industries and I truly believe that any person can achieve goals they set forth.It’s all about confidence. Look at Margaret Thatcher, Maya Angelou and Sandra Day O’Connor.

So I ask you, do you feel this was a sexist statement?

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About alisonguzzio

A marketing and public relations veteran, Alison Guzzio has directed projects for a range of high-tech, pharmaceutical, security, ecommerce, manufacturing, chemical, global trade and broadband companies. Strengths include positioning companies to maximize visibility among key stakeholders such as media, investors, channel partners and customers. Alison has a strong understanding of business objectives and she effectively translates this into results for her clients. In addition to her experience managing the demands on emerging companies, Alison is skilled in taking products from conception to roll-out, developing creative marketing plans, generating media coverage along the entire product lifecycle and leading brand awareness campaigns during critical growth stages.
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2 Responses to “Busy Lady”. A Label Only Meant for June Cleaver? Take the Poll.

  1. Brad says:

    Not even a little sexist. If you wrote that article about me, “busy man” would be appropriate.

  2. Nancy says:

    I vote “non-sexist”. Are we fearful that if we point out a feminine trait someone might notice that we ARE women? Every once in awhile it seems that we confuse workplace equality for workplace neuterdom…..(not sure if that is a word but you get what I mean!) Take the recent example of President Obama complimenting the appearance of his new AG in CA. I didn’t get the fuss about that either!

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