Reality is a Moving Target

Who knew growing up on a farm would have so many anecdotal stories for business, life and philosophical discussions? Pig Pen will share many stories over time; this one occurred during the unprecedented blizzard in April 1982.

We had two horses at the time, Apple and Cleo. Apple had been bred back in the fall and was expected to deliver any day and we had just purchased Cleo.

One morning my Dad went to check on the horses and to his excitement, the foal had been born during the night. There was something very wrong, however. The filly was standing next to Cleo, not by the expectant mother.

After a lot of confusion and unsuccessfully strong-arming the foal to go over to Apple, someone checked under the tails and found Cleo was actually the mother. Unbeknownst to everyone, we bought a pregnant horse. A few days later, the snow had melted and Apple gave birth to a beautiful colt out in the field. This was not what we had planned for, but the four were quite a vision and a great memory for us all.

In business, a large gap between perception and reality, and/or between a company and its competitors, is an indicator of opportunity or risk that can help guide future efforts. Whether your company’s reality is ahead of perception or you need to play catch up, you will need to follow a strategic plan when making investments in brand and reputation.

When applied to a team setting, including everything from family, friends, marriage, workplace, etc, just because we see something a particular way does not make it so. We can be so insistent sometimes that our way of seeing/doing something is more right than someone else’s way. Keep an open mind at all times and remember that a point of view is always valuable to each individual.

Lastly, I found an outstanding article titled “Self-Perception vs. Reality”, written by Rodd Bonander from the Ask Men website. It covers the steps one should take to reconcile the gap between misperceptions with the reality you know to be true. In both the professional and personal world you have to determine the manner in which people arrive at their perceptions. You’ll need to hold your own view of yourself under a microscope and gauge if there might be some validity to the more common misperceptions about you. Once this is accomplished, you can take steps to close that gap by showing people the real you.

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Wine pick: Sebastiani Chardonnay, Sonoma CA

Extra bonus: My sister Lysa, the only sister who did not own a farm animal, posted a very funny blog that highlights a few trials and tribulations of my parents and her teenage kids. Grab a glass of wine, get ready to laugh out loud and enjoy the weekend:


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